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Start at the cellular level to build a healthier body — from head to toe, inside and out.

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Use nontoxic and natural cleaners that are safe for humans—green for the planet.

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Be your own boss. Create financial health and freedom with a home-based business.

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Your Personalized Health Builder

Your health goals are unique to you, which is why you need a plan designed specifically for you to achieve optimal health. Shaklee Healthprint is a powerful tool that harnesses the work of award-winning Shaklee doctors, scientists, and nutritionists to create nutrition plans customized for you. Answer a few questions and we’ll recommend a combination of products that are personalized for your individual needs. We’ll also provide you with health insights and recommendations to help point you down the path to a healthier life.

How It Works

  • Take a few minutes to answer the questions on the health assessment
  • Review a variety of health tips and insights based on your answers
  • Choose a customized set of Shaklee products that fits your health goals, needs and budget

Fresh Start Program Header

How Would You Feel About:

  • A boost in energy,
  • Better concentration and focus,
  • Improved digestion,
  • Reduced cravings for sugar, caffeine, fats and nicotine,
  • More restful sleep,
  • Strengthening your immune system?

Kick-start your weight loss with real results in 7 days.

The Fresh Start Cleansing Program is a comprehensive 7-day cleanse, followed by a 4-week “rebuild your health” program, based on proven scientific principles. It has been used for more than 20 years to help participants get a “fresh start” on their health.

Buy Starter Kit in June and get FREE shipping in July


Just when you thought summer would never arrive, here it is…warm days, balmy nights, and so many fun activities to enjoy. Summer is a great time to focus on fitness – for people who are looking for a reset on their New Year’s resolutions (remember those?) or just want to get in shape and make the most of their summer fun.

Everyone wants to look good and feel great when summer comes around, and there’s no healthier way to help you meet those goals than with Shaklee 180®. So, for the month of June, we’re offering the Shaklee 180® Starter Kit for only $150 for Members. That’s a savings of over $50 over the suggested retail price. Plus, those who order the Shaklee 180 Starter Kit in June, will get up to $20 free standard shipping on their July order of $150 or more! (Offer not open to Business Leaders.)

The Shaklee 180® Starter Kit includes:

Offer ends June 30th.



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